Things I’m Getting Rid of in 2018

Things I'm Getting Rid of in 2018The first month of the new year is almost over already. How many of us have resolutions for 2018? How many of us have already fallen in terms of keeping that resolution? What if I told you it might be easier to have a theme for the year instead of a strict resolution?

A few years ago, my mother decided that she would start making a yearly theme rather than a resolution. Take the Year of the Purge for example. That year, she focused on purging or getting rid of the unnecessary junk in her and my family’s lives. Paperwork that was clutter, extra things in the kitchen cupboards, and emotions or sentiments that were still festering from past years.

Ever since then, I’ve started following in her footsteps. This year is my Year of Mindfulness. This means that I’m focusing on being more mindful and aware of what I’m bringing into my life. With that, I’ve also gotten rid of quite a few things because they no longer fit into what I want my life to be.

Things I’m Getting Rid of in 2018

Digital Photos

I’ve spent years collecting blurry landscape photos and unattractive selfies but they won’t be coming along with me into 2018. Not only do they take up quite a bit of digital storage space, but some of them carry unhappy memories with them. Why I’ve kept them this long, I have no idea. I’m probably just a borderline virtual pack rat.

Stationary I Won’t Ever Use

I’ve told myself many many times that I’ll use those stickers. One day, just not today. I have more planner stickers and stationary supplies than I care to admit. Since I’ve moved all my planning to my iPhone, I have no need for the plethora of stickers in my untouched drawer.

Packaged Food

Hear me out on this. I’m not throwing away the food. I’ll give it to someone who will actually eat it. Since becoming vegan (or vegetarian for that matter), I’ve yet to do something about the cans or bags of instant meals that don’t fit my dietary preferences. It’s time to clean out the pantry!

Books I’ve Already Read

Well, the books I know I won’t read again. College textbooks that I won’t use again, chapter books I didn’t care for too much, all of them will either be sold or donated because someone else can make better use of them than I can.


I’ve finished my makeup artist run, now o don’t use half the makeup I own. Geez, I don’t even wear makeup much nowadays. When I do, it’s minimal and simple. Unfortunately, the rest I don’t use will be gone with the wind.

There’s quite a few other things I’ve gotten rid of, but they’re not quite as substantial as this list. I had a bad habit of collecting things I thought looked cute or interesting but never ended up using any of them. With the purge of excess, I can start putting the money I save towards something I will make memories with.

What about you? What things are you leaving in 2017?


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